Evelyn Bartolmai

Journalist, former broadcaster for East German State Radio's Italian transmissions

Deidre Berger

Managing Director, American Jewish Committee/Berlin, former Germany -correspondent, National Public Radio

Wolf Biermann

Pre-eminent human rights poet, singer, writer. His family had returned to East Germany to "help build socialism", and his growing criticism of the regime became so "dangerous to the state" that he was stripped of DDR citizenship and expelled to the west in 1976. This only increased his importance as a voice for democracy

Martin Bormann, Jr.

Son of Martin Bormann, Hitler's Secretary, Reich Leader of the Nazi Party, Director of the Chancellery, 4-star SS general, "the only man Hitler trusted"

Andreas Brand

Attorney; founder, Gollwitz Meeting Centre, for youths from former East Germany to have their first-ever encounters with young Jews

Anika Bremen

High school student newspaper editor

Peter Brescia

Former Resident Officer, U.S. High Commission on Germany (HICOG)

Henryk Broder  

Columnist for Der Spiegel newsmagazine, leading public affairs commentator

Roger Cohen

Bureau Chief, The New York Times/Berlin

Prof. Helmut Dubiel

Max Weber Visiting Professor, New York University

Ernst Otto Duscheleit

Former SS stormtrooper, now peace activist, speaker for reconciliation and against neo-Nazism

Dr. Stefan Elfenbein

Correspondent, Berliner Zeitung, National Geographic and other international publications

Dr. Martina Emme

Cultural Awareness Trainer for police forces in the "New Laender", Organizer of One By One, an association bringing together children of Nazis and victims for dialogue and reconciliation.

Joerg Fischer

Former neo-Nazi strategist, now activist against right-extremism

Alfred Fleischhacker

Sole survivor of Berlin Jewish family, former foreign correspondent for East German State Radio

Abraham H. Foxman

National Director, Anti-Defamation League.  Child survivor of the Holocaust

Sabine Frank

Managing Director, Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Multimedia (Voluntary Self-regulation Multimedia)

Heinz Fromm

President, Verfassungsschutz, Germany's domestic intelligence organization

Robert Goldmann

Director of European Affairs, Anti-Defamation League, contributing columnist for International Herald Tribune, Frankfurter Allgemeine and other prominent German newspapers

Dennis Grabowski

Managing Director, Zusammen Gegen Rechts im Internet (Together Against Rightists in the Internet)

Juergen Graf

Chairman, RIAS Berlin Kommission, successor organization of RIAS (Radio In the American Sector)

Guenter Greif

Taxi Driver

Sarah Greifenstein


Dr. Bernd Greiner  

Hamburg Institute for Social Research, expert on right-wing extremism

Franz von Hammerstein

Son of Chief of the German General Staff who resigned in 1934 rather than continue to serve under Hitler, survivor of Dachau and Buchenwald, co-founder of Aktion Suehnezeichen Friedensdienste (Action Reconciliation Service for Peace)

Rainer Hasters

Executive Director, RIAS Berlin Kommission, successor of RIAS (Radio In the American Sector)

Stefan Heinitz

Social worker

Richard Holbrooke

Former Assistant Secretary of State, Former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations and to Germany

Rabbi Dr. Walter Homolka 

Executive Director, Abraham Geiger College for the Training of Rabbis in Europe; First rabbi in the German Armed Forces since before WWII, with a commission as a Major in the Army Reserve

Berthold Janneck

Apprentice chef

Kempton Jenkins

Former officer, U.S. Information Agency, Radio Liberty/Radio Free Europe

Barbara John

Commissioner of Foreigners' Affairs of the Berlin Senate

Jeannine Kantara

Afro-German writer

John Kantara

Afro-German television producer

Hans-Joachim Keil

Retired judge, former President of the Berlin Senate, P.O.W. in the Soviet Union

Ursula Keil


Michael Kienast


Reiner Kneifel

Senior Legal Adviser, Brandenburg State Government

Knut Koehler


John Kormann

Former U.S. Army Counterintelligence(CIC) Special Agent, CIC Berlin Field Office Commander. Author, U.S. Denazification Policy in GermanyLead investigator of Reich Leader Bormann's 'disappearance'. Findings vindicated when Bormann's remains were unearthed during building excavations near the former Berlin Wall shortly after German reunification.

Birgit Kuhlmann


Sonja Lahnstein

President, Step 21, promoting democracy through projects for young people in schools and clubs

Alex Longolius

Executive Director, Checkpoint Charlie Foundation

Beate Lindemann

Executive Director, Die Atlantik-Bruecke

Dr. Christine Lucyga

Member of the Bundestag (Parliament) representing Rostock, the eastern German city that was the scene of large-scale anti-immigrant violence shortly after reunification

Jose Luzolo

Immigrant from Zaire, worker at Siemens company

Moshe Chang Mendelssohn

Direct descendant of Moses Mendelssohn, lone survivor of Berlin family, artist who dialogues with neo-Nazis

Helga Mueller

Daughter of SS officerWaldemar Armelung- member of Einsatzgruppe (mobile extermination unit) transferred out for "excessive zeal" (!), commandant of Kolditchevo work and extermination camp, GESTAPO interrogator, spymaster for renegade Russian General Vlasov, informant for US Intelligence

Dr. Reinhard Mueller  

Hamburg Institute for Social Research, world authority on East German Stasi (State Security organization) and Soviet KGB

Robert Mundheim

President, American Academy in Berlin

Rabbi Dr. Andreas Nachama

Director, Topografie des Terrors (Topography of Terror), a memorial/educational center on the site of the former headquarters building of the GESTAPO and SS; former Chairman of the Berlin Jewish Community

Gen. (ret) Klaus Naumann

Former Chief of Staff, German Armed Forces, Deputy Commander, NATO Forces in Europe

Dr. Michael Naumann  

Editor in Chief, Die Zeit, Germany's most respected weekly political newspaper. Former Federal Minister of Culture

Dr. Edmond Neuhaus

New York psychologist. Born in Munich. U.S. Army Counterintelligence in WWII

Eva Nickel

Director, Berlin Jewish Community headquarters

Cem Oezdemir

Member of the Bundestag, Germany's federal parliament, first person of Turkish descent to become a German parliamentary representative

Dr. Friedbert Pflueger

Member of the Bundestag, Christian Democratic Party spokesman on international relations

Dr. Falk Pingel

Deputy Director, Georg Eckert International Institute for Textbook Research, Braunschweig

Martin Regenbrecht

Executive Director, NAIIN (No Abuse In Internet), an industry-wide initiative to combat neo-Nazi exploitation of the World Wide Web

Jessica Ricco 

High school student newspaper editor

Dr. Herman von Richthofen

Former German Ambassador to Britain, President, German-English Friendship Association, nephew of Germany's WW I flying ace, the "Red Baron"

Bettina Roehl   

Independent journalist, investigative author. Daughter of Ulrike Meinhoff, of the 1970s terrorist Baader-Meinhoff Gang

Manfred Rommel

Former Governing Mayor of Stuttgart, son of Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, WW II's legendary "Desert Fox"

Anna Rosmus

Activist-historian who exposed the coverup of deeply embedded Nazism in Passau, her Bavarian hometown. A film about her, "The Nasty Girl", uses the name given her by townspeople wishing to stop her unwelcome exposes

Dr. Irene Runge

President, Jewish Cultural Association, Berlin; child of refugees who returned from New York to East Germany to "help build socialism"

Eva Schissler


Prof. Hanna Schissler

Georg Eckert International Institute for Textbook Research

Prof. Ernestine Schlant

Author, "The Language of Silence: German Literature and the Holocaust"

Prof. Peter Schmidt

Sociologist, University of Giessen, authority on prejudice and democratic values. Son of SS officer

Valeed Sethi  

High school student newspaper editor, immigrant from Pakistan

Gary Smith

Director, The American Academy in Berlin

Hans Heinrich von Stackelberg

Bundespresseamt (Federal Press Office) Berlin, former Deputy Consul-General/Acting Consul-General of Germany, New York, son of a member of the SS

Christian Staffa

Executive Director, Aktion Suehnezeichen Friedensdienste

Prof. Fritz Stern

Columbia University professor emeritus, eminent historian of Germany

Dana Strohscheer


Dr. Rita Suessmuth

Former President of the Bundestag, Chairperson of the government's Commission on Immigration which has defined Germany as a multicultural and immigrant-seeking society

Hans Tuch

Former HICOG Resident Officer, officer, U.S. Information Agency

Daniel Vogt

Social worker

Karsten Voigt

Coordinator for German-American Cooperation, German Foreign Ministry

Berndt Wagner

Executive Director, Zentrum Demokratische Kultur (Center for Democratic Culture) monitoring extremist activities, formerly senior East German police official responsible for keeping tabs on right-wing extremists

Isa Walter

Granddaughter of Dr. Otto Rasch, GESTAPO officer, general in the SD (Sicherheitsdient/security service of the SS), commander of Einsatzgruppe C that carried out the massacre of 34,000 Jews at Babi Yar

Dr.Rudolf Weckerling 

Retired Pastor of the Confessing Church. Colleague of Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, whose moral resistance to the Nazis led to imprisonment as a "Personal Prisoner" of Hitler. He was hanged on April 9, 1945 in Flossenbuerg concentration camp, one of Hitler's last deeds before his own suicide ended World War II in Europe

Konrad Weiss

Writer. Retired member of the Bundestag, founding participant in the "People's Movement" that helped to bring down the East German state

Christine Werhentin


Arthur Wetzel

Managing Director, STRATO AG, Germany's leading Internet Service Provider, president of NAIIN, an industry-wide initiative to combat neo-Nazi exploitation of the World Wide Web

Yitzchak Zieman

Sole survivor of family massacred by Latvian neighbors upon entry of German forces into the country; New York psychotherapist who has led annual professional training workshops in Germany since 1974 for German colleagues grappling with Third Reich-related issues

Marianne Zepp

Historian of post-war political culture

Tilman Zuelch

Chairman, German Association for The Protection of Threatened Peoples, and Prevent Genocide International